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How It Works

HeatOn Therapy Packs

Your trusted family name in hot and cold therapy!

For Heat:

Simply "snap" the coin inside each pack to start a chemical reaction that heats up to one-hundred and thirty degrees instantly. The heat will slowly dissipate which will not damage your nerves like conventional electric heat pads.

Once the heat is finished, just boil the pack(s) in water for 5-20mins depending on size, let cool to room temperature or lower and use again!

For Cold:

Place a HeatOn Therapy Pack into the refrigerator or bucket of ice for about an hour, the pack will become a soft pliable gel-pack that can be place where needed. Just place the pack back into the refrigerator to start all over!


All HeatOn Therapy Packs come with a lifetime warranty. For warranty claims please click HERE


Please Watch this short video on how to use HeatOn Therapy Packs, if you have more information an FAQ is below:



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How is this better than a conventional corn bag or electric heating pad?

A: Conventional corn bags and electric heating pads both require electricity and become
soaked in germs after repeated use. HeatOn Therapy Packs can be used, and reused
on the go, hunting, fishing, camping, and most importantly in case of emergency. Simply
boil our packages to re-use them, which disinfects, cleans, and gets rid of any smell on them.

HeatOn Therapy Packs are also safe to use with the vast majority of essential oils, sports creams,
or the animal scent of your choice.

Q: How long do they stay hot? How about cold?

A: For heat Approximately:
Handwarmer: 30 minutes

     Hoodies  : 1 Hr
     Back: 1 1/2 Hr
     Shoulders: 2 Hr

Covered by a blanket, or under clothing the packs will
remain warmer, for longer. Cold is about half the time as warm.

Q: How long should I boil my pack for?

A: Recommended boiling times:

    Hand Warmers: 5 minutes
    Hoodies     : 10 minutes
    Back        : 15 minutes
    Shoulders   : 20 minutes

    Time may vary depending on how much use the product has had,
how long it has been since it has last been reset, altitude of your home,
etc. The above recommendations are the typical lengths of time needed.
If you see any crystals, continue to boil until clear.

Q: How do the HeatOn Therapy Packs work?

A: When you snap the coin (Nickel and Zinc) , a reaction is set off which
causes the liquid (Sodium acetate) inside to immediately crystallize and
heat up to a safe 130 degrees.

Q: Do I need to snap all of the “buttons” on the larger sizes to activate them?

A: No. Activating the pack only requires snapping the single "coin". The plastic
rivets that you see are for structural well-being.

Q: Will the packs reset themselves after I am done using them?

A: No. To reset the packs, boil them in water until clear, then allow to cool to room
    temperature before reusing, or use as a hot pack without the need to activate
the solution as the packages will be warm directly after boiling.

Q: Why is my pack rock solid after I've finished using it?

A: When activating the heat pack, crystals form immediately. They remain soft for a
    while but as they cool down, they begin to harden. Eventually, the pack will be
    quite solid. To return the pack back to its liquid state, simply boil for the
    recommended length of time.

Q: How do I make it a cold pack?

A: In its liquid state, place the pack inside your refrigerator. The pack can
    remain in the refrigerator for any length of time without causing

Q: I like to interchange hot and cold therapy. Will clicking the coin make my pack become nice and hot right after taking it out of the fridge?

A: Yes! It does not hurt the pack.

Q: Can I place my HeatOn Therapy Pack in the freezer to make it cold?

A: No, If placed in the freezer, the pack will activate itself from the vibrations
caused by the freezer, become hot (melt your ice cream) then rapidly cool
down becoming hard and needing boiled. Using the refrigerator is the ideal
way to get a cold pack. A bucket of ice works!

Q: I boiled my HeatOn Pack and it is crystallizing by itself. What am i doing wrong?

A:  Normally the pack wasn’t boiled long enough (see above for
    recommended times). Just boil it again until the pack is completely clear, then
    remove from water and allow to cool. If it continues to re-crystallize on its own
    after boiling, the solution may be defective.

Q: I tried clicking the coin but it won’t work. It looked so easy when the
     salesperson showed it to me at the show…

A:  If the coin has never been clicked before, it may require several activations. Afterwards,
     simple pressure on the coin will cause the pack to activate.

    To activate a pack for heat, Place two fingers on the "bottom", indented side of the coin
and your thumb on "top" the round side. Press down with your thumb until you hear a
"snapping" sound. Do not bend the coin.

Q: What if one of my kids or my dog breaks it open? Are the contents toxic?

A:  The liquid in HeatOn Therapy Packs is simply sodium acetate; so saltwater,
vinegar, and water. The primary flavoring used in making salt-and-vinegar potato chips
is sodium acetate.

     The plastic glove of the pack is BPA-free. BPA is an industrial chemical that has
     been used to make certain plastics since the 1960s and there are many
     controversial reports that BPA may pose certain serious risks to health. For this
     reason, we ensured that our packs were manufactured with BPA-free plastic.

     HeatOn Therapy Packs are environmentally safe, non-toxic & FDA approved.

Q: Can I boil my pack in the microwave?

A: No. The metal coin inside will rupture the pack when microwaved. You can
however boil a large bowl of water in the microwave, then drop certain models
into the water in order to reset the solution inside. We only suggest this with
our Infinite Handwarmers.

Q: Is the temperature of the packs safe? Will it burn me?

A: The packs will heat up to 130 degrees. This is typically a perfectly safe temperature.
Safer than an electric heating pad. If you have particularly sensitive skin, be sure to
place a towel or cloth between your skin and the hot pack.   
Q: How many times can I use my HeatOn Therapy Pack?

A: There is no limit to how many times it can be
   used. The coins are rated for 100,000 snaps, and all of our
    products come with a lifetime warranty.

If you would like to place a warranty claim go Here.

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